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Full-load and part-load exergy analysis of a hybrid SOFC-GT power plant


Autore: F. Calise, A. Palombo, L. Vanoli, R. Vanoli

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

This paper presents a full and partial load exergy analysis of a hybrid SOFC–GT power plant. The plant basically consists of: an air compressor, a fuel compressor, several heat exchangers, a radial gas turbine, mixers, a catalytic burner, an Internal Reforming tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack, bypass valves, an electrical generator and an inverter. The model is accurately described. Special attention is paid at the calculation of SOFC overpotentials. Maps are introduced, and properly scaled, in order to evaluate the partial load performance of turbomachineries.

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