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Studio di fattibilità di un impianto per la produzione e l'accumulo di idrogeno da energia eolica per trasporto publico urbano nella Sicilia Occidentale


Autore: M. Beccali, M. Cellura, V. Franzitta, D. Gambino, M. Ferraro, V. Antonucci

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

The coupling of renewable energy and hydrogen technologies represents in the mid-long term a very interesting way to match the tasks of increasing the reliable exploitation of wind energy introducing clean technologies in the transportation sector.
Due to the very high of wind source available in Sicily, a very rapid saturation of the exploitable resource isgoing to be experienced in a couple of years. On the other hand it is necessary to stimulate public and private initiatives towards small-medium scale projects which have a very marginal interface with the electric grid and improve the environmental performances in the transportations.
This paper presents a feasibility study of two plants for the production, storage and distribution of hydrogen for Public transportation facilities in the West Sicily exploiting wind source. With the produced hydrogen it is supposed to supply two fuel cell bus fleets able to perform the same service of the existing oil-based fleets. An economic analysis and an assessment of the avoidable greenhouse gas emissions during the operation phase are reported.

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