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La qualità dell'aria negli edifici storici. Un caso studio: la sede del Rettorato dell'Università di Palermo


Autore: S. Costanzo, A. Cusumano, C. Giaconia, G. Giaconia

Collana: CA - 60 - Roma 2005

Heritage buildings often operate in free conditions, as they are not equipped with HVAC systems.
This calls for the interventions of proper measurements with the aim of monitoring and controlling indoor physical parameters. As matter of fact, the control of indoor conditions in museums is of paramount importance for the proper preservation of artefacts. Moreover, in such buildings another requirement should be achieved, that is the maintenance of the comfort and safety conditions for visitors.
In this work the results of a survey carried out on a hall of a historical palace to estimate the people occupancy by making use of CO2 concentrations are reported.

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