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Selezione materiali negli impianti d'Idrodesolforazione


Autore: S.M. Volonté

Collana: BT - 31 - Ott 05 - Gli impianti DeSOx - DeNOx: la tecnologia al servizio dell'ambiente

Refinery plants have to remove sulphur and its compounds from fuel to meet the requirements of the European directive 93/12/CE in term of the max allowable content.
The treatment is carried out by chemical reaction of the fuel with hydrogen at high temperature and pressure in presence of catalyst.
At these operating conditions, the materials of construction have to be designed for handling corrosion due to wet H2S and to mixture of H2S and H2 at high temperature,
The paper shows the philosophy followed by Tecnimont for the materials selection in the hydrodesulphurisation plants.

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