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Syngas desulphurization in a coal gasification pilot plant for idrogen production


Autore: A. Calabrò, P. Deiana, C. Amorino, A. Pettinau, D. Cocco

Collana: BT - 31 - Ott 05 - Gli impianti DeSOx - DeNOx: la tecnologia al servizio dell'ambiente

Coal gasification processes allow an efficient use of this energy source with a low environmental impact. Moreover, these processes allow hydrogen and electric power co-production. To this effect, Sotacarbo, with Ansaldo Ricerche, ENEA and the University of Cagliari, is developing a pilot plant to test the use of gasification technologies for the combined production of hydrogen and electric power. The pilot plant is made up of two up-draft fixed-bed gasifiers, the latter equipped with a syngas treatment line, including the depulverization, desulphurization, water-gas shift conversion, CO2 separation and hydrogen purification sections.
This paper reports the main results, achieved by a calculator simulation, of a preliminary analysis carried out to assess the main operating parameters of the integrated process, with particular reference to the syngas desulphurization section.

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