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Double contact flow scrubber - Technology to FGD market


Autore: M. De Pietri

Collana: BT - 31 - Ott 05 - Gli impianti DeSOx - DeNOx: la tecnologia al servizio dell'ambiente

Double contact flow scrubber: the process is considered the most effective Flue Gas Desulphurisation process. One of the most advanced Absorber Configuration is described, by underlining its main technical features and motivations.
Jet Air Sparger: the sulphite anions oxidation to sulphate is a key point for the FGD plant performance. The “in situ” oxidation process has been already developed and proved, but to get high reliability, smooth operation and energy saving the Jet Air Sparger is demonstrating its superior efficiency.
R&D Facility: this is the industrial strategy applied inside the R&D Facility of MHI.
Commercial Plant Design: the high reliability Absorber designed for Torrevaldaliga Nord (ENEL) and highly compact FGD system for Montefalcone (Endesa Italia) are presented. They are a natural result of deep experience of the Technology Owner to comply with the severe requirements of the plant operator, by applying well proved technical solutions.

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