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On -line SCR reagent supply by urea decomposition process: update of industrial applications


Autore: W.H. Sun, P.G. Carmignani, J.M. Boyle, P. Ponzoni

Collana: BT - 31 - Ott 05 - Gli impianti DeSOx - DeNOx: la tecnologia al servizio dell'ambiente

The NoxOUT ULTRA Process has been successfully implemented at five commercial installations including three large coal-fired utility boilers. The first installation provided opportunity for design improvements that were incorporated into the subsequent designs.
Result indicate that the urea decomposition systems provide performance equivalent to aqueous ammonia. Confirming long term demonstration results, the commercial Ultra process also provided rapid response to start-up, shut-down, and boiler/furnace load changes.
All five of these commercial applications are now operating.

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