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Socio-economics of large urban wood-fuelled cogeneration: sustainable energy supply for Austria's capital city of Vienna


Autore: R. Madlener, M. Bachhiesl

Collana: BT - 37 - Nov 06 - Tecnologie e prospettive della produzione di energia da biomasse

In spring 2004 the municipal energy utility of Vienna and the Austrian Federal Forest AG have signed a contract to jointly develop and operate Austria’s largest biomass cogeneration plant. The new generating unit, located at an existing thermal power generation site in the city of Vienna ,will predominantly be fuelled with wood chips from forest residues available in the near region.
In this paper we describe and analyse the history of the project.
From the case study we can deduct the following important drivers and success factors for the realisation of large bioenergy projects in urban settings:
- a critical mass of actors
- a priori political consensus
- existence of a problem that calls for decisive steps to be taken
- institutional innovation and changes in the mindset of main decisionmakers
- favourable economic conditions
- change agents that are actively engaged from an early stage of development
- intra-firm supporters at different hierarchical levels and from different departments
- and the conduct of targeted study tours that help to reduce uncertainties, to enable leapfrogging in project planning and design, and to build up confidence in the overall project’s feasibility.

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