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2D natural convection in tilted rectangular enclosures for a wide range of rayleigh numbers


Autore: A. Bairi. N. Laraqi. J.M. Garcia de Maria, N. Alilat, I. Bairi

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

We present in this paper a detailed study of the natural convection occurring in closed rectangular air-filled cavities. The temperature and velocity profiles obtained are compatible with the convection exchanges. The results attained numerically by means of the finite-volume method are concordant with the measurements taken in an experimental set-up for all the geometrical and thermal configurations considered. The results cover a broad range of the Rayleigh number and come both to complement and the corroborate those already existing in the literature. The Nusselt-Rayleigh correlations proposed in the present work serve to estimate the convection exchanges in such enclosures and thus to help in the appropriate industrial design and sizing of systems in numerous sectors. A more detailed analysis of the attained results for the variety of configurations that we have studied experimentally will be published elsewhere, including the comparison with previous works found in the literature.

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