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Advancements in effusive cooling techniques of gas turbines


Autore: G. Cerri, A. Giovannelli, L. Battisti, R. Fedrizzi

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

This paper presents a numerical model suitable to design the geometric features of effusive cooling systems of gas turbine hot components, and to evaluate their thermo-fluid-dynamic characteristics. The model has been developed specifically with the aim to show the potential advantages deriving from the adoption of the new Poroform technology. According to this technology the design of the distributions of the diameter and density of holes on the cooled surface allows indubitable freedom for the thermo-mechanical optimization of the cooled component, with a view to reducing the metalís working temperature and achieving isothermal conditions for large blade areas.
In this paper the diameter, density and spacing of the holes, the adiabatic film efficiency and the coolant air consumption of a first stage gas turbine effusion cooled blade are extensively discussed to highlight the system cooling capacity.
The results of two cooling solutions for a first-stage gas turbine blade are presented, i.e. the thermo-fluid-dynamic optimized design and one possible manufacturing-oriented optimized design of the cooled component.

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