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Efficiency improvement of small boilers for domestic use: energetic and exergetic analysis


Autore: R. Marchesi, F. Rinaldi

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

The analysis of Italian market in the field of domestic boilers, shows that the quite totality of them are traditional ones. The 98% of domestic natural gas boilers sold every year in Italy are traditional ones, only 5% of them are condensing boilers.
Energy consumptions for heating systems in civil applications, grow of about 1,1% every year.
Despite to the fact that the great part of boilers manufacturers in Italy can build and offer condensing boilers, whether in case of new buildings or in case of restructure, these are not installed.
This work compares performances of a traditional boiler with the performances of a traditional boiler with a heat recovery system. The comparison has been made by means of an energetic and an exergetic analysis.
The heat recovery system has been studied and tested by the authors in a special facility that can assure a good accuracy and reproducibility of the tests. In the next future this facility will provide certifications according to technical standard.

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