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Theoretical study of an innovative staged combustion burner conducted in mild regime


Autore: M. Torresi, S.M. Camporeale, F. Casalini, B. Fortunato, A. Saponaro

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

An innovative aerodynamically staged combustion burner is numerically simulated under diluted and undiluted inlet conditions. The staging is obtained by means of two coaxial, swirled, air mass flow inlets. The fuel mass flow rate is split among a central fuel nozzle and four side guns. This low-NOx burner has been considered in order to verify its capability to be conducted in MILD combustion regime. Such a kind of combustion mode can be obtained by means of the dilution of reactants with inert gas and the increase of their temperature above the self ignition value. These inlet condition can be found, for example, in hot windbox repowering applications. MILD combustion is particularly attractive since it is characterized by flame temperature peaks lower than that registered in traditional systems, low NOx formation, stable oxidation without a flame front even with lean fuels, limited vibrations and noise due to flame front, efficiency increase of combustion, lower sensitivity to fuel characteristics.

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