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Fault diagnosis of combined cycle gas turbine components using a multi agent system


Autore: L. Dambrosio, R. Dinielli, S. Camporeale, B. Fortunato

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

A diagnostic tool based on Multi Agent System is proposed to detect the origin of performance degradation in Combined Cycle Gas Turbines. The proposed diagnostic tool is able to detect not only single fault, but also concurrent faults that may occur simultaneously in the plant. The Multagent-based diagnostic tool presents a hierarchical (top-bottom) and a decentralised structure.
In the combined cycle, due to the connection of the steam plant to the gas turbine, any deterioration of gas turbine components affects both plants. At the same time, fouling of the heat recovery boiler may cause the increase of the turbine back-pressure, reducing the gas turbine performance. For such reasons, the faults detection represents a very challenging problem; therefore, effects of gas turbine faults on steam cycle must be taken into account in case of steam plant faults.
The plant composed by a heavy-duty gas turbine and a steam plant with a single pressure recovery boiler is simulated. Then, the capability of the diagnostic tool to recognize single faults and estimate their amount is analysed. Finally, the presence of faults in both the steam plant and the gas turbine is analysed and discussed.

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