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Experimentation on a cogenerative system based on a microturbine


Autore: F. Armanasco, L.P.M. Colombo, O. Perego

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

Experimental results of an energetic characterization of a cogenerative plant are presented. The generator is a microturbine Turbec T100-CHP integrated in a heat recovery system. For operation in standard conditions the maximum electrical and thermal power generated are respectively 105 and 167 kW. Experimental tests were run by varying the electrical power produced between 50 and 110 kW with 10 kW stepping. For each step the set-point of the temperature of water at the outlet of the recuperator was varied in the range 60 80°C with 5°C stepping. In every operating condition the measurement system allows the real-time calculation of the quantities needed for the energetic characterization of the plant, such as efficiency indices and PES (Primary Energy Saving index). Furthermore, environmental impact has been investigated with respect to gaseous and acoustic emissions.

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