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New green energy strategies


Autore: A. Midilli, I. Dincer, M.A: Rosen

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

This paper presents some new green energy strategies and investigates the relations between green energy-based sustainability and global stability. Eight green energy strategies in the literature are considered to determine the sectoral, technological and application impact ratios. Based on these ratios, we derive a new parameter, the green energy impact ratio. In addition, a green energy-based sustainability ratio is obtained, which depends on the green energy impact ratio. In order to increase the green energy-based sustainability ratio and the improve global stability, the new green energy strategies should be put into practice and the utilization of fossil fuels should be limited or reduced in a progressive manner. In addition, the transition to green energy-based technologies should be accelerated by utilizing the new green energy strategies. The new green energy strategies can make an important contribution to the economies of countries where green energy is abundantly produced. Investments in green energy supply and progress should be encouraged by governments and other authorities to promote replacement of fossil fuels for more environmentally benign energy forms.

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