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Analysis of a sofc energy generation system fuelled with biomass reformate


Autore: S. Cordiner, M. Feola, V. Mulone, F. Romanelli

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

In this work a complete model of a SOFC coupled with a biomass gasifier is used to identify the main effects of the operating conditions on the fuel cell performance in terms of efficiency and the distribution of the main electro-thermal-fluid-dynamics variables, namely current and temperature.
An equilibrium model foe the gasification process has been developed to compute the reformate composition using the Gibbs free energy minimization method. Despite its simplicity, the model has proved to be able to give a realistic prediction of syngas composition which is used to feed the SOFC. The latter is modelled by using a 3D approach (FLUENT) coupled with an electrolyte model which, starting from the local information in terms of gas composition, temperature and pressure, is able to predict the fuel cell performance in terms of electrical response and mass-energy fluxes.
The whole model has been applied to the analysis of a 14 kW integrated SOFC-gasifier system to address a planar SOFC response once given the gasifier operating conditions.

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