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Racing modeling of the combustion in a pilot furnace of fumes produced from wood carbonization


Autore: M.A. Abbassi, N. Grioui, K. Halouani, A. Zoulalian, B. Zeghmati

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

A novel device devoted to the carbonisation of wood and the incineration of fumes has been tested at the pilot scale. This device increases the yield of mass charcoal compared to traditional methods. It recovers a part of the energy normally rejected into the atmosphere and is has been proven to be environmentally friendly. A thermo-chemical model for the control and the operation of this new device is elaborated in order to simulate and control its operating cycle. In this case , the knowledge of the parameters which govern the kinetics of the thermal decomposition of wood and the combustion of the combustion of the pyrolysis fumes is important. The effect of the inlet molar air flow on the temporal evolution of temperatures and mass loss in the various zones as well as the research of the critical inlet molar air flow from which the racing reactions occurs are presented. To avoid this phenomenon a Proportional-Integral-Derived (PID) anticipated regulation is used in order to control the operation of the device and avoid racing of reactions.

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