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A novel fluidized bed biomass gasifier


Autore: P.U. Foscolo, A. Germanà, N. Jand, S. Rapagnà

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

In this work, an interconnected fluidized bed (IFB) reactor design is described, aimed at a simple and efficient air gasification system with capacity of the order of a few MWth. To obtain a gaseous
fuel from biomass, for power generation by means of internal combustion engine, and/or for distributed gas utilities. The bed circulation, promoted by different fluidizing velocities maintained on both sides of a partition plate, is addressed at a good distribution of the low density biomass inside the inventory of mineral particles, to avoid segregation at the bed surface and the reduce elutriation of fine carbon particles.
A cold model realized and operated according to dynamic similarity rules is utilized to check the ability of the IFB reactor design to match these objectives. The space evolution of light foreign bodies, keeping the density ratio with the bed inventory in the test rig the same as that between biomass particles and sand in the gasifier, has been characterized in details. The experimental tests at ambient conditions confirm that the principle of interconnected fluidized beds can be successfully implemented by means of the prototype gasifier.

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