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A cogeneration plant based on wood gasification


Autore: L. Rosa, R. Tosato

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

This paper presents a study aimed at developing a small cogeneration system based on wood gasification. The target flow rate of the producer gas is determined by the electric power generation of 20-40 kW. A Rankine cycle is more efficient than a Bryton-Joule cycle when the highest temperature of fluid is the same and when the highest temperature of heat exchangers is the same. For this reason a wood gasifier can be integrated whit a steam generator and a power reciprocating steam engine. The maintenance costs of steam engines can be cheaper than those of internal combustion engines or gas turbines.
The cogeneration plant can be constructed by using available technology:
- downdraft or updraft wood gasifier
- a steam generator with a low content of water to produce superheated steam at 20 bar and 400° C
- one radial 5-cylinder reciprocating steam engine.
The expected ideal efficiency of energy conversion is about 20% (measured on the LHV of gas).

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