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Experimental aspects about biomass pyrolysis


Autore: M. Paraschiv, L. Gerun, M. tazerout, G. Dinu, B. Andronic, J. Belletre

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

The present paper reports the studies made on the influence of raw material mass (respective material bed height) on conventional pyrolysis products yield. Our work is an attempt to understand the change in the yields of wood pyrolysis fractions: condensable ( water and tar), gaseous and solid (char). The conditions are of interest for wood gasification in downdraft gasifier. Because the pyrolysis is the first step in gasification processes, knowledge on wood decomposition during the pyrolysis may contribute to the development of new gasification technologies for practical devices.
Both the technological conditions of pyrolysis and biomass nature (chemical composition and properties) have influenced the products distribution, gas composition and char reactivity. One of the major problems for biomass pyrolysis/gasification is the presence of tar in the product gas. Tar, an extremely complex mixture of organic compounds that are produced in during all thermo-chemical conversion processes from organic materials, is an unwanted constituent of gas producing technologies. It so happened because the heavy tars bring about severe operating problems in internal combustion engine.

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