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Evolution of gas turbines for IGCC application


Autore: E.L. Rebora, F. Rocca

Collana: BT - 34 - Mag 06 - Energy: production, distribution and conservation

IGCC (Integrated Gasified Combined Cycle) systems already developed at their technological level and often used for demonstrations during the past years, are among the best systems now known to combine ihgh efficiency allowed by combined cycle systems with low costs of primary energy source (coal, heavy oil, steel meal factory gases, etc.).
From the viewpoint of combined cycle, the main differences and most complex issues are related to combustion of gas from gasification of coal, heavy oil ...., or from technological processes and are concentrated in the gas turbine, which is supplied with gas typically at low heating value, for it has a high inert matter content, as well as carbon oxides and hydrogen.
For many years, Ansaldo Energia has been one of the world leading companies in the market of gas turbines supplied with low heating value fuels with the introduction of model V94.2K originated from the well-known turbine V94.2.
For the purpose of confirming and strengthening this dominant position, Ansaldo Energia
has developedsome intersting approaches to extend both the range of fuels that can be used on its gas turbines, and the range of gas turbines that can accept these fuels.

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