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Transient behavior experimental analysis of high temperature fuel cells/gas turbine hybrid power plants


Autore: D. Micheli, R. Taccani, R. Radu

Collana: AA - 2006 Trieste - MIS - MAC IX Metodi di Sperimentazione nelle Macchine

Pressurised high temperature fuel cells and gas turbine integrated power systems are receiving a growing attention, as capable of reaching very high electrical conversion efficiency, even in small size power plants. In this system the fuel and the oxidant (air) enter the cell after being compressed. The fuel oxidation reaction occurs predominantly within the fuel cell. The reaction is completed in a combustion chamber and the pressurised combustion products are exhausted through a turbine. The dynamic interdependencies related to the integration of the fuel cell and the gas turbine are not completely understood and unexpected complications and dangers might arise. In fact as a consequence of both the relatively large volume of the pressurized portion of the plant and the shape of the stalled characteristic of available compressors, the plant could be affected by the inception of fluid-dynamic instabilities. In particular surge could be detected in transient and off-design operational conditions occurring
during plant regulation, start up and shut down.
The paper presents a new experimental fuel cell gas turbine simulation facility that has been constructed at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Trieste. The facility was designed to examine the effects of transient events on the dynamics of these systems.

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