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Noise investigation for low-pressure turbine: experimental choices and measurement technique


Autore: M. De Lucia, A. Paradisi, G. Lenzi, G. Sonni

Collana: AA - 2006 Trieste - MIS - MAC IX Metodi di Sperimentazione nelle Macchine

Low-emission civil air transportation requires the development of low noise engines.
In the past decades many studies were carried out, aimed to characterize the engine noise sources and identify the relevant features of these sources.
Concerning turbomachinery noise, the fan is the most critical source and attention has been focused on it. Thanks to progresses in engine architecture (high by-pass ratio) and fan technology, the fan-related noise has been reduced significantly, and other noise sources become relevant; between them the LP turbine.
In this context, a test rig for LP turbine noise investigation has been developed. On this rig the mechanisms of noise generation and propagation will be addressed, with special focus on high lift high load turbine rows.
In this paper the test rig features are presented, and design choices discussed.

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