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Aero-Thermal characteristics of the flow in the internal cooling channel of a gas turbine blade: application of various measurement techniques to a complex flow analysis


Autore: T. Arts

Collana: AA - 2006 Trieste - MIS - MAC IX Metodi di Sperimentazione nelle Macchine

The present contribution has two main objectives. The first one is to address the aero-thermal flow field developing into a rib-roughened stationary internal cooling passage by means of a correctly scaled model and engine-like boundary conditions. The second one is to present and discuss various measurement techniques used for this purpose.
The present experimental study was carried out by using a large scale facility representative of a stationary straight cooling channel of a high pressure turbine nozzle blade. Its size allowed detailed spatially (and eventually time-) resolved thermal (pure convection and conjugate) and aerodynamic measurements. The channel had ribs installed on one wall. The present configuration, somewhat simplified with respect to the usual coolant passages with two opposite rib-roughened walls, is justified by the definite advantage of providing full optical access for PIV and heat transfer
measurements with a much higher resolution.

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