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Technical Measures to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions on the Road Traffic


Autore: D. Gruden

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

The road traffic, including the passenger car traffic, emits only one part of the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions. The automobile industry will continue their efforts to decrease the fuel consumption, resp. the carbon dioxide emissions. Short-dated, until 2012, the carbon dioxide emission of the automobile road traffic in the EU will be reduced by a package of integrated measures and the engagement of all
involved parties to approximately 15%, referring to year 2008.
One part of these improvements is made up for a loss by the fulfillment of other legislations (safety, NOx- and PM limiting values, etc.).
In a medium-term and a long-term period, the carbon dioxide problem will be alleviated by the use of bio mass functioning as a raw material for bio fuels and as a carbon dioxide sinks.

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