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A U.S. Perspective of Plug-In Hybrids and an example of Sizing Study, Prototype Development and Validation of a Hybridized FC-NEV with Bi-Directional Grid Inter-Connect for Sustainable Local Transportation


Autore: Y.G. Guezennec, T.G. Choi, G.Rizzoni, J. Marusiak, B. Yurkovich, W.Choi

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

There is increasing interest in the use of alternative fuels for transportation, due to the increasing cost of petroleum based fuels. One possible alternative to the use of petroleum for transportation is to use electric grid power. This paper explores a possible design solution based on a plug-in fuel cell hybrid. A scaled down version of FC-HEV that is applicable to this concept, has been implemented as a proof of concept with fast prototyping toolkits, including a 32 bit micro processor, Matlab/Simulink software and an embedded system development kit. The resulting prototype vehicle
demonstrated a high gasoline equivalent MPG as well as a successful functionality of micro grid power generation.
Keywords hybrid electric vehicle; fuel cell vehicle; neighborhood electric vehicle; grid inter-connection; low speed vehicle; renewable energy.

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