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Micro-trigeneration plant: development of a small-size ammonia-water absorption system


Autore: M. De Lucia, C. Cinelli

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

The demand for cooling in the residential sector is growing due to increasing comfort expectations. So the increase in energy demand, owing to the use of compression refrigeration machines, has shifted maximum absorbing peaks to summer, creating a
crisis in the production energy system. CHCP plant (Cogeneration of Heat, Cooling and Power) is the way to reduce energy consumption. To overcome limits of actual absorption units (minimum temperature of 5/7°C for LiBr-H20 plants and size for the others) that are not designed for micro-trigeneration use, a small-size ammonia-water absorption plant, driven by the exhaust gas of a microturbine or a reciprocating engine, was developed for a packaged cooling-heating-power system. The simulation results of the designed unit demonstrate that it has a very good response on part load and shows the possibility of working at different generation and evaporation temperatures (up to -18°C or ice making application). A first prototype of ammonia–water refrigeration plant (20 kW) was studied and developed. A test rig was realized to verify the expected working conditions and provide the knowledge for future component development. This paper reports the results of unit design and its analysis in variable working conditions.

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