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Solar collectors for heating and cooling with operating temperatures up to 250°C


Autore: M. Rommel, T. Siems, K. Kramer, A. Schafer, A. Haberle, M. Berger

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

A large share of the energy which is needed in commercial and industrial companies for production processes is below 250°C.
Solar collectors for the temperature level up to 80°C are already on the market. But new and advanced collector techniques are needed for the higher temperature levels. The new term 'Medium Temperature Collectors (or MTC) is used to denote collectors that are suitable for operating temperatures between 80°C and 250°C.
Currently, several new development activities on Medium Temperature Collectors have been started. Many of them are involved in the SHC-IEA Task 33/4. Three categories may be used to distinguish the different technologies:
improved flat-plate collectors: double-glazed flat plate collectors with anti-reflection glazing and hermetically sealed collectors with inert gas fillings, or a combination of both.
stationary (i.e. non-tracking) low-concentration collectors: stationary CPC type collectors
concentrating tracking collectors: parabolic trough collectors with small aperture widths, Fresnel collectors with fixed receiver and tracking reflectors.
Fraunhofer ISE is involved in different collector development activities. A new collector testing facility was set up recently which allows to carry out efficiency curve measurements up to 200°C.

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