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Environmental impactof domestic and central natural gas heating boilers - A residential building case study


Autore: C. Balocco, G. Grazzini

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

In the present paper comparison between emissions from natural gas heating systems applied to a residential building and its apartments located in Florence (Italy, EU) is shown. Two building designs were considered: the reference residential building proposed as a standard model by the Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration (AICARR) and its single flats. Both these two cases were studied with higher insulation. The operating response of different boilers due to the hourly heating power demand of the building was studied. CO and NOX emissions were evaluated during the heating season and during each month. Results show that the centralized boiler is more suitable for building heating demand and has a lower emissions impact.

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