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Ground and solar sources for building-plant system: simulation software


Autore: G. Grazzini, C. Balocco, A. Rocchetti, L. Berti

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

Ground source heat pumps are receiving increasing interest especially in Europe because of their potential to reduce primary energy consumption and thus reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Interest is focused on closed loop systems that consist of a sealed loop of pipes buried in the ground either in a shallow trench or vertically in a borehole and connected to the heat pump. This configuration avoids any possibility of underground pollution. In this work a vertical double concentric pipe inserted in the ground was used and a sub-tile solar collector is added to keep energy from solar radiation, both used as heat source for a heat pump.
A ground and solar sources heating plant was considered in a simulation code to obtain performance results. The simulation code hourly resolved the energy balance of the building using the climatic data and calculates the energy request for the building. Energy balance of heat pump and its source was performed in order to obtain the operational parameter of the plant.
A historical building in Firenze, with three residential flats and an exposition room at the top, was used to test the simulation code. Sub-tile solar collector seems to be a useful way to use renewable energy in the heat pump systems for space heating. Low temperature are required at the heat pump evaporator.

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