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Optimal orientation for a typical italian dwelling and its urban tissue


Autore: A. Carbonari, L. Porciani, F. Fido

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

Several studies have been performed about the optimal orientation, from energetic point of view, of specific building’s typologies; however real urban tissues are normally composed by different types of buildings with different orientation. This work takes in consideration a building type called “palazzina in linea”, that is particularly representative of Italian medium density expanding areas, and its typical urban context. Dominating building’s orientation has been investigated in order to find
its optimal value. The orientation that minimise the total annual primary energy demand, for lighting and climatisation, is assumed as the optimal one. The case study is situated in an expanding area of a small town in Venetian region. This work is
based on computer simulations. Two main softwares have been used in an integrated way: Ener_lux and TRNSYS. Building’s volume has been divided in thermal zones, corresponding to the flats. Ener_lux calculates, with hourly step, energy and luminous solar radiation impinging on each external surface, taking into account the surrounding buildings shading effects.
TRNSYS executes the energy balance of each thermal zone and calculates energy demand related to climatisation and artificial lighting. Inhabitants behaviour patterns are carried out by means of interview and statistic data.

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