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Research on adsorption characteristics of active carbon and silica gel and application in solar refrigeration and heat pump


Autore: Z. Królicki, T. Wilk, B. Zajączkowski, J. Kaczmarczyk

Collana: CA - 61 - Perugia 2006

Adsorptive processes have been originally applied to chemical industrial processes, such as gas separation or catalysis. Recently they have been proposed for heat pumps and refrigeration as an alternative to vapour compression systems. Ecological problems concerning the emissions of chlorofuorocarbons (CFCs) have stimulated theoretical and experimental studies on adsorption refrigeration and heat pump devices. Adsorbents used in such systems should have high specific adsorbance, high surface area and large micropore volume to ensure good performance as an appropriate component of
working pair.
This paper is aimed at studying the implications of various adsorbent and adsorbate pairs. Before undertaking an experimental investigation of application for solar systems for refrigeration and heat pumping. This article presents adsorption isotherms for active carbon-methanol and silica gel-methanol systems. Correlations relating pressure dependence of adsorption potential have been obtained with the help of McBain-Bakr spring balance (providing a continuous record of the quantities and rate of sorption). Using the experimental results and the BET theory surface area and pore volume are calculated. The obtained values are compared with literature. Conception of solar systems for refrigeration and heat pumping based on adsorption and desorption of gas from solid has been proposed.

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