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Integration of post-combustion CO2-capture into a coal-fired power station


Autore: A. Féraud, P. Broutin

Collana: BT - 35 - Lug 06- Energia da Carbone Pulito nella Prospettiva del dopo Kyoto

The purpose of this study is to identify the major features for best integration between a
CO2 capture process with a 30 wt% Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA) solution and a coal-
fired power plant equipped with a circulating fluidized bed boiler. This study is being
conducted by ALSTOM and IFP for the French Environment and Energy Management
Agency (ADEME). Both processes were simulated by means of the softwares ALPRO
from ALSTOM Power and Hysis from Aspen Tech.

Keywords: Coal, CO2, capture, MEA, integration

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