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A new Development to Enhance ESP performance


Autore: T. Riepe, J.F. Werner

Collana: BT - 35 - Lug 06- Energia da Carbone Pulito nella Prospettiva del dopo Kyoto

In the search for the best way to improve the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators (ESP’s) and especially to increase the rate of fine particle removal, conflicts between some influencing physical parameters are encountered over and over again. Obviously, the optimal solution should take into account the conflict between the physical effects on particle charging and those on the particle collection at the plate electrodes: Efficient charging of the particles requires a strong gas ionization (corona) and a high current flow. In contrast, a strong electrical field is necessary for the collection of the particles.
A high current flow is not required here. These different requirements for the control of the charging and collecting effects are what we call the “ESP conflict”. The technical solution developed by Balcke-Duerr to solve this conflict is the “Bi-Corona Technology (BCT)”. This technology is based on a patent which was first filed during the authors earlier professional time with Walther&Cie in Cologne, Germany and which was first introduced on the ICESP VII in 1998 in Kyongju, Korea (1). The special design of the discharge electrodes and the matched construction of the collecting electrodes make it possible to meet the different requirements of highly effective particle charging and collecting. The principle is to divide each electrical field of the ESP into several different ionization and collection zones (Bi-Corona Principle). The Balcke-Duerr Bi-Corona System was developed for new ESP’s and for retrofitting existing ESP’s. The presentation will show some details of the patented design, results and measurement data of converted ESP’s in comparison to conventional units, as well as preliminary laboratory tests.

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