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Emissions of PM10 precursors from the italian thermoelectric plants, and role of combined-cycle power stations: a 1997 vs. 2010 scnary comparison


Autore: G. Micheloni, F. Occhi

Collana: CA - 59 - Genova 2004

The first part of this report recalls the main data available about particulate emissions from CCGT power stations, and illustrates the recent developments of new sampling techniques aiming at reducing the extreme variability and systematic positive distortion of measurements carried out with traditional methods in the presence of low particulate concentrations. The second part of the report illustrates an estimate of total emissions from the Italian thermoelectric plants in 1997 and 2010. Notwithstanding the significant increase in energy production, the estimates highlight a drastic reduction of NOx, So2 and total PM10 emission, which will be achieved thank to the important role covered in future by the new CCGT power station.

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