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Thermo-fluid dynamic analysis of a multiple pin automotive brake disc


Autore: G. Barigozzi, G. Franchini, A. Perdichizzi

Collana: CA - 59 - Genova 2004

The paper reports on an experimental investigation of the mean and turbulent flow structure and thermal field at the exit of a vented automotive brake disc. The main goal is to obtain a deeper insight of the aero-thermal phenomena upon which the brake efficiency strongly depends. A “cold” experimental investigation was initially performed on a multiple pin disc, allowing for the evaluation of local and global fluid dynamic features. Then, the disc was tested at moderate braking conditions. A coupled thermal and fluid dynamic survey allowed for local mean temperature and velocity measurements at disc exit. Experimental data gave information concerning the thermo-fluid dynamic behaviour of rotor disc. Moreover, they allowed to carry out empirical correlations for both vented mass flow rate and convective internal channel heat transfer coefficient predictions for different operating conditions.

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