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Thermal effect and cavitation simulation in high pressure injiection system transient flows


Autore: A.E. Catania, A. Ferrari, M. Manno, A. Mittica, E. Spessa

Collana: CA - 59 - Genova 2004

A comprehensive thermodynamic approach for modeling acoustic cavitation was proposed on the basis of a homogeneous barotropic mixture model of a pure liquid in equilibrium with its vapor and a gas, both dissolved and undissolved. Temperature variations due to compressibility effects of the liquid fuel were evaluated for the first time in high-pressure injection system simulation by employing the energy conservation equation, in addition to the mass-continuity and momentum-balance equations. A conservative numerical model was applied for simulation of transient flow phenomena, including cavitation, in the injection systems. An analysis based on PDE characteristics has also benne carried out, showing that cavitation desinence is a shock occurrence, leading to a transition from a supersonic to a calculate the speed of the traveling compression waves in the presence of cavitation. A conventional pump-line-nozzle system was considered for model validation being relevant to this purpose due to its considerable pressure wave dynamics and also because it was subject to severely cavitating flow conditions at part loads.

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