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Considerations about the use of coal in avanced power generation plants


Autore: A. R. Diaz, A. Franco, N. Giannini

Collana: CA - 59 - Genova 2004

The use of coal is proposed today to fuel up advanced power plants like Ultra Super Critical steam plants, Pressurized Fluized Bed Combustion systems and Integrated Gasification Combined cycle plants. The performance of all these plants, despite higer than the traditional steam Rankine cycle, result quite far from those reached by the last generation of natural gas combined cycle plants. Nevertheless these technical solutions seem to be convenient due to the lower cost of coal and its delocalisation. In the present paper after a review of the various advanced coal power technologies, a comparison among the aforementioned plants, with reference to natural gas combined cycle plant, is carried out. The use of coal is evaluated not only by economic considerations, but also involving thermodynamic and environmental aspects, looking forward to demonstrate the convenience of developing clean technologies.

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