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Parametric Analysis of Post-Combustion process in Gas Turbine Plant


Autore: G. Chiummo, A. Di Nardo, S. Giammartini, C. Mongiello

Collana: FM - 2004 Sorrento - Third International Symposium - Energy and Environment


L’obiettivo del lavoro è quello di trarre prime conclusioni sulla progettazione di bruciatori per post-combustione, inseriti a valle di gruppi turbogas. Fissata la geometria del condotto di collegamento turbina-caldaia e del bruciatore, sono state realizzate diverse simulazioni numeriche al fine di individuare le condizioni ottimali per la stabilità di fiamma: si è valutata l’influenza del posizionamento del bruciatore, delle velocità di combustibile e comburente.

The role played by the co-generation is taking an important feature if not a central place in a world that needs new and renewable kind of energy. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to realize an efficient co-generation plants which is able to satisfy the thermal and electric necessity of the users, moreover due to different thermal and electric charges required.
Usually thermal requirements exceed the amount of recoverable thermal energy from a system that succeeds to satisfy the electrical demand, therefore the adoption of a post-combustion system could represent a solution. The configuration studied analyze a situation where an afterburner is positioned in the exhaust stream, coming from a gas turbine: the hotter exhaust gas allow to produce the excess of thermal energy required.
Problems connected to the design of a such equipment, moreover regarding flame stability region, are essentially linked to some fundamental issues due to the exhaust gas property, particularly the high flow velocity and the low oxygen concentration. Instead the exhaust gas high temperature is positive. We have thought it could be useful analysing physical phenomena by numerical simulations.
Our analysis is focused to find the way to optimise the configuration of an afterburner, analysing thermal, flow and combustion characteristics of different possible solutions; in particular we are interested in finding shape, positioning and gas velocity inlet, of an afterburning

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