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Convegni ATI - Accesso riservato soci CTI

Cavitating flow simulations in turbopumps


Autore: M.G. De Giorgi, A. Ficarella, D. Laforgia

Collana: CA - 58 - Padova 2003

A multi-phase CFD method is used to analyze centrifugal pump performance under developing cavitating conditions. The test pump was simulated by 3-D approach to obtain the characteristic curves for different operating conditions. Numerical simulation of the cavitation characteristics of the pump was performed at different flow rates and for different cavitation numbers. Steady-state solutions were obtained for all the cases. The rapid drop in head coefficient at low cavitation numbers (breakdown) is captured for all flow coefficients. Local flow field solution plots elucidate the principal physical mechanisms associated with the onset of breakdown. Two different cavitation model have been developed, to adapt the mass transfer to accomodate thermal effects. The numerical results are compared with experimental. A reliable agreement between the pump characteristics given by measurements and computations were observed.

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