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Numerical investigation of different stack design solutions in a cogeneration power plant


Autore: M. Pinelli, G. Bucci

Collana: CA - 58 - Padova 2003

In a cogeneration and combined cycle plants, the presence of a by-pass stack has a great importance since it allows the modulation of heat-to-power generation to follow variable daily demand and, thus, the optimal management of the heat and power production. Hence, among the varoius aspects that have to be analysed in a plant design, the exhaust gas stack design can represent a critical aspect, in particular when a by-pass stack is present, since it may influence the entire system working condition. To properly take into account the large number of the different requirements which enter in a stack design, a multidisciplinary analysis involving CAD/CFD/FEM integrated approaches can be adopted in order to obtain an optimally designed stack system. In this paper, the design of the exhaust gas stack in a cogeneration plant is performed numerically. In the considered plant, a by-pass duct is present and a single stack for gases coming from both the utility heat exchangers and the by-pass at the gas turbine exit is used. Different design solutions are simulated through a three-dimensional integrated numerical code and the results discussed in detail.

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