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Design-optimization of after-burners for combined-cycle plants


Autore: L.A. Catalano, A. Dadone, D. Manodoro

Collana: CA - 57 - Pisa 2002

A general efficient strategy for the design optimization of duct-burners for combined-cycle plants is presented. This methodology combines a widely employed commercial code, used for the flow analysis, and a progressive optimization strategy, whose efficiency relies on the simultaneous convergence of both the flow solution and the optimization process, as well as on the use of progressively finer grid levels. The proposed strategy had been already tested versus problems with a priori known solutions in order to verify that the design process requires a reasonable CPU time. In the present work, the optimization technique has been applied to two design examples of a new enhanced-mixing duct-burner. The optimization process has allowed the reduce the extension the high temperature regions. In particular, the optimal configuration provides a better anchored flame with lower temperatures in the near-wall regions and a slightly lower amount of unburnt fuel. The converged solutions have been produced in no more than the amount of computational time required to perform from 14 to 15.5 flow analyses.

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