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Accurate computation of compressible flows on unstructured grids


Autore: L.A. Catalano, V.S.E. Daloiso

Collana: CA - 57 - Pisa 2002

A new finite-volume method for the computation of compressible flows on cell-vertex triangular and tetrahedral meshes is presented. A recently developed higher-order-accurate reconstruction is used to discretize the convective terms of the governing equations. The reconstruction employs the same (cell-based) gradients needed for the discretization of the diffusive terms, with no additional averaging. Results for inviscid, transonic two-dimensional and subsonic three-dimensional, internal flows are provided to underline the accuracy and the very good shock-capturing capability of the proposed reconstruction, as well as its straightforward applicability to three dimensions. The method is then extended to the computation of turbolent flows by introducing a novel version of the two-equation k-w model, which avoids the singular behavior near wall, and a new definition of the dual mesh, which overcomes the generation of highly-skewed dual cells in the boundary layer. The laminar flow past the NACA-0012 airfoil with incidence and the turbolent transonic flow past the RAE-2822 airfoil are finally considered to test the proposed method.

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