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Dynamic behaviour of the injection pressure in the common-rail system


Autore: L.A. Catalano, V.A. Tondolo, A. Dadone

Collana: CA - 57 - Pisa 2002

The dynamic behaviour of the injection pressure in a common-rail system for Diesel engines is analyzed. A CFD code has been developed for simulating the unsteady flow in the pipes connecting the rail with the control volume. The numerical results show a good agreement with the available experimental data, referring to a single injection of a single injector, thus proving the reliability of the code. The experimental data also show that the injection pressure is significantly lower than the dynamic effects, namely to the sudden acceleration of the fuel, rather than to friction losses. This conclusion should discourage all attempts to recover the pressure drop by minimizing the friction losses. Further numerical investigations show that the inertia forces could even be exploited to increase the injection pressure by hundreds of bar, without increasing the rail pressure: two additions to the UNIJET systems are proposed, which aim at accelerating and suddenly stopping the flow in a longer, additional pipe, just before the injection phase, so as to create a strong compression wave which can be exploited during most of the injection phase. The proposed configurations are tested by means of the developed simulation code, only.

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