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Thermal design of symmetrically and asymmmetrically heated channel-chimney systems in natural convection


Autore: A. Auletta, O. Manca, M. Musto, S. Nardini

Collana: CA - 57 - Pisa 2002

In the thermal analysis of natural convection in channel-chimney systems, the variables which play an important role are: the Ohmic heat flux, maximum wall temperatures and geometrical parameters such as height of the heated channel, the channel spacing and the height and spacing of unheated extensions. A simple numerical procedure to obtain the thermical design charts, a thermal optimization of the system and an uncertainty analysis due to the thermophysical properties are presented. Results are carried out for symmetrically and asymmetrically heated channels with walls at uniform heat flux and a simple estimation procedure is proposed to evaluate the error in the relevant geometrical and thermal parameters due to a different value of the reference temperature. The estimated error, however, is less than the uncertainty of the experimental data employed. Some simple worked examples are given to show the use of the charts.

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