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Performance of thin-layer heaters in pool boiling


Autore: P. Di Marco, N. Forgione, W. Grassi

Collana: CA - 57 - Pisa 2002

This work concerns the preliminary results obtained in an experimental research recently carried out at the Energetics Department of University of Pisa. The ultimate purpose of the activity is the study of pool boiling of FC-72 with the help of infrared thermography. The considered data are related to tests with two values of bulk liquid subcooling of 7 and 27°C and different values of heat flux, under atmospheric pressure.
The first part of the paper summarises the characteristics of the experimental equipment and the obtained experimental data. Then, the paper discusses the results related to the calculation performed by means of a 3D heat conduction program purposely set up in support to the tests interpretation. In this way, information is provided about the distribution of the thermal power exchanged through the heated and the non-heated surfaces. In particular, a simplified inverse technique is applied to estimate the average heat flux and the average boiling heat transfer coefficient from the knowledge of the average temperature of the heated surface.

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