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Seminario CEN: Energy efficiency for SMEs

Data Evento: 27/09/2018
Luogo: Bruxelles


Il CTI è il principale soggetto ideatore e promotore, grazie alla disponibilità del chairman del JTC 14, ing. Ettore Piantoni, dell'evento internazionale "Energy efficiency and energy management: tailored approach and roadmap for SMEs and other stakeholders" che si terrà il 27 settembre p.v. a Bruxelles.


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Why? The European industry and SMEs play a crucial role in meeting the 2030 climate and energy policy objectives. They support the implementation of policies to achieve the set targets and drive technology progress in low-carbon, clean and energy efficient product development worldwide.

SFEM analyses the main standardization needs of relevant stakeholders along the supply chain. Simple, Transparent and Standardized are the keywords driving the whole energy efficiency process from value generation (energy audit) to value capturing (Measurement & Verification, M&V).


What? CEN and CENELEC are working with industry partners, the European Commission and other stakeholders to develop standards that facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy. These standards guarantee the spread of best practices and provide energy users with the necessary tools to analyse and adapt their energy consumption patterns.

The CEN and CENELEC Sector Forum Energy Management (SFEM) invites you to participate in a one-day seminar on energy efficiency and management. The seminar will engage stakeholders and SMEs in the development of framework guidelines and processes integrating energy management with finance to increase benefits and reduce the risk of energy efficiency projects.


Aimed outcome. The expected outcome will be to formulate recommendations which could enable SMEs and other interested stakeholders to benefit from the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the adoption of an energy management system.


Who should attend?


  • SME’s;
  • industrial associations;
  • national energy agencies;
  • energy service suppliers;
  • financial institutions;
  • policy makers; 
  • standardizers;
  • and other interested parties 




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