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CEN/TC 228 - Impianti di riscaldamento - Progettazione, fabbisogni di energia e sicurezza (UNI/TS 11300-2 e 11300-4)

Coordinatore GL: Ing. Socal Laurent Roberto - Project Leader: Nidasio Roberto - Project Assistant: N.D. - Maggiori Informazioni

In questa sezione è riportata tutta la documentazione dell'attività del Gruppo di Lavoro, suddivisa tra attività nazionale svolta direttamente e attività CEN e/o ISO svolta dal GL in qualità di Mirror Committee.

CEN CLC Sector Forum on Energy Management - letter+overview to TCs

Documento al voto

Scadenza: 21/01/2010

Data Documento: 11/12/2009
Organo Tecnico: CEN/TC 228 - Heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings

The following document has been sent to the TCs listed in the document, with the following cover text: "Dear Secretary, In attachment to this e-mail you will find a letter together with an overview made by the CEN/CLC Sector Forum Energy Management on those ISO,CEN, IEC and CENELEC technical bodies concerned by energy management, energy efficiency or renewable energy sources. One or several of the CEN bodies to which you provide the Secretariat have been identified in this overview. The Sector Forum would welcome your feed-back on this overview by 2010-03-12. You can find further details in the attached letter. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions."

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