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Coordinatore GL: Ing. Colagiacomo Corrado - Project Leader: Martino Anna - Project Assistant: N.D. - Maggiori Informazioni

In questa sezione è riportata tutta la documentazione dell'attività del Gruppo di Lavoro, suddivisa tra attività nazionale svolta direttamente e attività CEN e/o ISO svolta dal GL in qualità di Mirror Committee.

Joint Work Group of TC 163 and TC 205 meeting

Documento di Lavoro

Data Documento: 26/06/2009
Organo Tecnico: ISO/TC 163

The Joint Work Group of TC 163 and TC 205 has now held its first meeting, in Geneva 8 June. Key points of the outcome are the following: The English title of the JWG was agreed to be "Energy performance of buildings using holistic approach" The secretariat of the JWG was assigned to NEN (the Netherlands) The JWG wishes to assign the administrative responsibility of the JWG to TC 163. However both TC 163 and TC 205 are available and interested in undertaking the task. It is up to ISO TMB to decide. As long as this is not settled, it is not yet possible to register the JWG, work items or members. Due to the urgent need to progress, informal routes have to be found. Three Task Groups are being established (leader underlined) Terms and definitions Bruno Ziegler, Assessment of overall energy performance Bert Oschatz, Rating Dick van Dijk (see further information below) An Advisory group on work items and JWG boundaries was created (see further information in draft minutes) Meetings will be held twice a year in conjunction with the parent committees' plenary meetings. TGs meetings 26th and 27th October 2009, Florida, USA, JWG meeting November 2009, Kyoto, Japan

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