Developing local supply chain networks for linking Bio-fuel producers with public sector users.

Sviluppo di reti locali per collegare tra loro produttori di biocombustibili per autotrazionee e utenze pubbliche.




Main project's goals

The Bio-NETT project intends to develop a supportive framework for encouraging the growth of local markets for bio-fuels as a low carbon fuel for Local Authorities and other public sector transport fleets across the EU. The aim of the project is to increase the supply and demand of bio-fuels by creating a more integrated and cohesive market structure, linking suppliers and users through regional networking in both the urban and the rural context.

To achieve this, the project will:

  • establish local supplier networks covering the whole supply chain from growers through fuel production and distribution to public sector users
  • build capacity within these networks through skills development and examining financial support mechanisms
  • carry out information and awareness raising with bio-fuels producers and public sector fleet managers
  • evaluate local carbon savings arising from the use of bio-fuels producers and public transport
  • disseminate the results at National and European level and implement two practical projects
  • establish a local bio fuels information Exchange and Network centre in each partner region.